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20 Cigar Boxes

Product size: 240*215*55mm

Bring a thermometer and a humidifier

Cigar box Manual :

Remove the humidor from the cigar case. Note: do not wet the cigar case by adding water to the humidor.

2. Add distilled water or cigar case solution to the humidor. Note: never add tap water.

3. Add distilled water to the grill of the humidor. Cigar box solution is recommended for the first time.

4. When adding water, do not overdo it. If it is wet, do not soak.

5. Dry the outside with a clean cloth and secure the humidor in the cigar case, usually inside the lid like a hygrometer.

Cigar maintenance solution (50% propylene glycol +50% distilled water)

The main function of the maintenance solution is to ensure the humidity is around 70% and to prevent mildew of the humectant. Don't overdo it or use it too often. This is usually required for the first use of the humidor and for a sudden drop in humidity. It is normal to add one every 3-6 months (depending on the external temperature). Frequent use can affect the moisture absorption and moisturizing function of the moisturizer.

To enable the

Before initial use, the wooden cigar box needs to absorb water. To ensure proper use, follow these steps:

1. Place a cup of distilled water or cigar case maintenance solution in the cigar box.

2. Place the adjusted hygrometer and humidifier in the cigar box.

3. Cover and check 8 hours later. See if the humidity is in the 68-72% range.

Caution: never wet the inside of the cigar case.


Cigar boxes, when used wisely, can store cigars for years.

1. Don't knock against the surface of the cigar box or put anything on it.

2. Keep the cigar box out of direct sunlight to prevent deformation and loss of moisture.

3. Maintain the surface of the cigar box, the brightener and the nape oil should be put on the soft cloth first, then wipe the cigar box, not directly on the cigar box.

4.Don't touch the inside or outside of the box with bleach or acid.

5. You can gently suck the cigar crumbs out of the box on a regular basis.