Switch sticker game machine stick without glue

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1.Q : Is it a sticker or a film?
A: This is a sticker with a backing, and some products are also called a film!
2.Q: Is there a film on the screen?
A: The sticker screen is hollow and does not come with a screen film!
3. Q: My mobile phone has a film, can I paste it directly?
A: Yes, there is a protective film on the phone, you can attach the sticker directly.
4. Q: What material is it?
A: The color paste is made of PVC, matte effect, opaque, solid color.
5. Q: Is the pattern blurred?
6. A: The cartoon sticker is a matte material with a 96% pattern definition, just like a matte photo! Looks like you will feel the fog!
7. Q: Is there a color difference?
A: Cartoon stickers use imported printing equipment to ensure true color reproduction. The pictures in the links are all designed and produced, but due to the different resolutions of the brands, the color difference will be caused! The color of the product is subject to the actual product.

Material: environmentally friendly PVC, PP, removable adhesive
Product thickness: 0.02-0.03MM
Surface treatment effects: frosted, glossy, leather, fabric, etc.